Patty Blakesley has been a fantastic coach guiding me through the discovery of my passions in life.
With the help from Patty, I have been able to focus on working out what is truly important and valuable to me.
Patty’s support has been amazing throughout this journey so far, and I would recommend anyone who needs help in discovering their passions to seek guidance from Patty.  Even though I live on the other side of the world to Patty she has been able to accommodate my schedule and time zone.  The passion test is something I will now always use in the future as a guide to achieving what I really want in life, and I know I will always have Patty’s support in the future.

Wynonah Fogarty Queensland, Australia

Patty Blakesley is a hard-working, insightful intelligent woman, who has been ardent about mastering several modalities pertaining to her work as a Coach.

She has strong communication skills, and a compassionate heart. She listens attentively to clients and friends, and has good boundaries around when and what to share in her responses. Most importantly, she is wise and patient, taking time to consider the many variables involved in a decision or judgment.

Thorough and clear in her approach, Patty presents possibilities with openness and sensitivity.

Myrna Patterson — Truro, MA Teacher, Editor, Writer

“Patty was amazing. She explained the process very clearly. She made the experience of learning about myself a pleasure! Very eye-opening.”

Samantha O’Brien – Chiropractic Student Logan University Chesterfield, Missouri

Our clients love our coaching and the focus we bring to their business or personal growth.

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“Patty was clear and concise in the teaching of the Passion Test. She really helped us clarify our Passions.”

Annette Claussen – Author Health Doctors

“I loved Patty’s passion about teaching others about the power of recognizing and studying their passions. Great class!”

Patty Decker – Author Health Doctors

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