Vacation or Not?

            For those employees who take all the vacation time they are given, and often complain that they could use


What people are saying about us…

Dr. Jim Claussen –
Chiropractor and founder of
Health Doctors, Ltd.   Warrenville, Illinois

“In order to live a life worth living, you are following your passions. This test will put you on the correct path.”

Kathy Radaios –
Professional caregiver 

Fox River Grove,  Illinois

“Make no mistake, Patty’s Workshop is life-changing! It took my mediocre goal-setting to a much more focused and disciplined way of prioritizing my goals. I surprising learnt much more about myself and what it is I truly want for my future. Ultimately, I learnt that I am fully responsible for my future success. Patty is a professional facilitator, whose understanding and support is invaluable in this process.”

Myrna Patterson –
Teacher, Editor,   Writer  Truro, Massachusetts

Patty Blakesley is a hard-working, insightful intelligent woman, who has been ardent about mastering several modalities pertaining to her work as a Coach.

She has strong communication skills, and a compassionate heart. She listens attentively to clients and friends, and has good boundaries around when and what to share in her responses. Most importantly, she is wise and patient, taking time to consider the many variables involved in a decision or judgment.

Thorough and clear in her approach, Patty presents possibilities with openness and sensitivity.


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