Create a life that you love! Align your day to day activities with your priorities.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

In this hectic 21st Century, we are bombarded with messages and requests for our time, our energy and our money. When you connect with your personal power, you gain control of your life, and you create systems that work for you. Your passions become your compass to guide you to your desired destination.

Passion Test Facilitation

The Passion Test is the effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose—the World’s Number One tool.

A simple test can change a person’s life and no one can fail it. Based on the unique process Janet Bray Atwood and Chris Atwood, New York Times bestseller authors of The Passion Test, have used to inspire thousands around the world.

Two 60-90 minute sessions in person or online.

Monthly Follow-up Coaching

Each week you will receive an hour session. That’s four sessions in one month! What you concentrate on grows stronger in your life. This is an important session for readjustment. We live in a world that is constantly changing so we need to respond and reconsider our actions, our goals and our destination. At this point, you will have gained abilities you can only now imagine. You’ll be delighted at your progress. 

Follow-up Areas of Concentration:

1. Purpose
a. Know your why to allow for optimal motivation and lasting success.
b. Develop belief and trust in yourself. Claim what you want and achieve it.
c. Enjoy your life with increased clarity and understanding because you are in control.

2. Commitment
I am 100% committed to your success, and we will co-create your success plan.
a. Begin your exploration to your best life. Find the true direction to your goals.
b. You will create personal and professional goals and achievable objectives with a plan we co-create.
c. Hold Steady to your Success Plan. Get out of your own way.

3. Effort
a. Recognize your accomplishments
b. Revise, review and re-commitment to your goals based on results
c. Rejoice in living your best life! Revel in the wonderful feelings that you’ll have every day, knowing you are traveling to your success.

4. Repeat
Ultimate success is obtained with purpose, commitment and effort. In the final session, you celebrate what you now know about yourself and how you feel about your life. Then, your focus is on the now: what you are experiencing on your journey thus far

Business Group Coaching (Passion Test Facilitation Prerequisite)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Join a culture of committed and determined individuals who support you in your journey. You will learn new techniques and skills to assist you in your efforts, and you will have a positive network group where you can learn, grow and thrive.

Meeting online for one hour each week for eight weeks (replays available so you always can refer back to the sessions or if you are unable to be on the call). This coaching circle will have topic lead discussions and individual check-ins. This is a great time to focus on your successes or struggles and recommit to your plan. Plus, it’s fun!

Leadership Training Package

“There is nothing noble about being superior to some other man. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.” – Hindu Proverb

This is the foundation for you to develop your leadership, first in your own life, and then in the larger community in which you live. Nine sessions to develop your vision, your plan to reach the reality you want. Each session is individualized for you.

Each of us is unique and only through purpose, commitment and effort will we reach our best self. Developing a leader’s mindset, acting as a leader and leading others comes with understanding and time. Propel your leadership abilities. Become your personal compass for your life’s destination with this intensive, concentrated and personal package with a committed coach by your side, co-creating with you. Initial 90-minute session to develop your list of loves, talents and skills. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes each.

Training Workshops

We always have time enough, if we will but use it aright.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Patty offers a variety of workshops suitable for employees, community organizations, non-profit boards and volunteers; friends, and families. Topics cover all challenging aspects of daily living and employment. Listed below is our workshop sessions.

Changing Conflict to Cooperation

When we interact with others, conflict can occur. Just one unpleasant or upsetting situation can cancel 12 positive experiences. Think of how this can impact your customers, your employees, your friends or family members.

Presenting a five step formula for preventing conflict and improving cooperation, Patty addresses principles of effective communication, a system for creating clarity, a planning tool used by many successful project managers, a means to create compassionate transactions and a clear principle to guide change.

90-minute session – minimum of 5 participants
Pricing available upon request

Goal Setting and Accountability: Confusion to Clarity

In our busy world these days, we all suffer from overwhelm. There is just too much to do in too little time. One way out of this confusion, one way to reduce anxiety, is to create goals and connect with our purpose and our passions. Once you have completed The Passion Test, it’s time to create a life of passion and purpose.

Patty’s two-day workshop on goal setting and accountability will easily support you on your life’s journey. Who wants to feel success and accomplish their goals? How many of us take action?

Patty understands the connection between mindset and success. Her workshop will help you explore your commitment before you set your goals. Traveling through life, we can find ourselves off-track, moving away from our initial goals and desires. After reviewing several goal setting processes, the workshop will explore accountability.

Accountability often turns into a blame game. Instead of asking who is responsible for failure, Patty changes the question to how can we accomplish more? When goals are not accomplished there are usually several reasons why. Exploring these reasons leads to understanding how to do better and how to improve. The world of positive psychology has taught us a lot in the past two and half decades. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Positive outcomes come from positive actions.

This workshop will change how you view goals. You will redefine accountability for yourself. Find more tools to use. Enjoy life more!

Two-day workshop
Minimum number of participants 8
Pricing available upon request.

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