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Meet Patty Blakesley

Have a passion to transform your life and your business? Craving to say goodbye to worry and doubt? You can reboot your life with clear and proven techniques given to you in an individualized plan that fits your lifestyle and maximizes your goals.

“We are here to grow and develop, to become the best possible person we can be. My commitment is to educate, encourage, inspire and support my clients. Every aspect of our life, whether in relationships, finance and employment, spirituality, health, environment or community, can improve with purpose, commitment and effort,” taken from Patty’s mission statement.

Patty is both a certified Passion Test facilitator and a certified Passion Test Business Facilitator. A contributor to the #1 Amazon best-seller, Inspired by the Passion Test, she has worked and trained with the Passion Test founders, Janet and Chris Atwood, and their Master Trainers. The Passion Test is the world’s number one tool for discovering your Life’s Purpose.

Patty’s background includes extensive work in the real estate industry and government agencies. She has helped solopreneurs and business owners as well as community non-profits. A lifelong volunteer, she has assisted in the creation of several non-profits including a community greenhouse on the island of Martha’s Vineyard and a community garden at the Island Elderly Housing Woodside project. Her idea of retirement is to have fun, to help folks and communities and to continuously learn. Banishing all self-limitations, she knows we can all bloom.

An accomplished martial artist, Patty is an instructor with the World Shorin-Ryu Federation and is a 4th degree Black Belt in the Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu system developed by Grand Master Nagamine. She can be found practicing weekly at the Goho Seishin Dojo. Her commitment to self-mastery and to self-realization through the practice of karate is a journey she treasures.


What people are saying about us…

Dr. Jim Claussen Chiropractor and founder of Health Doctors, Ltd.

“In order to live a life worth living, you are following your passions. This test will put you on the correct path.”

Samantha O’Brien Student at Logan University Chesterfield, Missouri

“Patty was amazing.  She explained the process very clearly.  She made the experience of learning about myself a pleasure!  Very eye-opening.”

Patty Decker Administrator Health Doctors, Ltd.

“I loved Patty’s passion about teaching others about the power of recognizing and studying their passions. Great class!”


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